Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome Back

I started out strong with this whole blogging thing, and I still love reading other peoples' blogs (Kirstin & Jordan's are my favorites btw.) However, since July of last year, it has been the ever elusive thing that I keep thinking I should conquer...that and cleaning the office. If you saw the office now, you would know that I have not been successful at either. Mallory is nearing the end of her junior year and will be off to college in just over a year, and Jillian begins high school in the fall. Time's a-flying! I better get busy.

Here it is, 10 months later, and I'm hoping this will jumpstart it for me. I could not begin to recapture ALL of those moments in our family, but here are just a few - ABCs Christensen style...

Accompanist for Eclipse - Mallory's new music role for her senior year
Birthday - Jilly's 13th Amazing Race (Team USA defeated Team Australia)

Colorado Academy - Jilly's high school next year
Driving - Lily Fair (Mallory's red Subaru) became our 4th car...we have since sold one and are now back to a one-to-one, car-to-driver ratio
Encouraging - Watching the relationship between M & J grow (riding in Lily Fair, shopping, Spanish homework & even getting ready in the bathroom in the morning)

Four Seasons - Let me just say that my birthday/Valentine's Day getaway was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
Grammie - She picks up Jilly, Lexie & Haley every Friday after school and takes them out for "afternoon tea" (a snack)
Hockey - Field hockey of course! I'm the only one in the family who doesn't play, and I'm thinking there are some things you just don't start at 43. So I'm their biggest fan!
IBPA - Chair of the International Baccalaureate Parents Association at Mallory's school and successfully doubled our scholarship fund this year
Jilly - Best babysitter - loves Reese, John and Abbey

Kisses & Prayers - Love that at 13 and 16 it's still part of what we do each night
Love of my Life - Peter still makes me laugh and has the power to surprise

Mallory - TWO words: freedom & friends. She has always been all about friends and having a car makes that even more possible.
Nineteen - The number of months until Mallory is off to college. (That number is actually 17 now, but when I first started this, it was 19.)

Obedience School - Mallory (& Jilly) took Milo to obedience school AGAIN because he probably should have never graduated the first time. We're not so sure he should've graduate the second time either.
Prom - Not one but TWO proms! Mallory and Logan looked stunning at both.

Quiet Dates - Some of my favorite moments with Peter
Rocky Mountain State Games - More field hockey...Peter coached and both girls played...and I watched.
Surprise Sweet 16th - Mallory's family and friends celebrated first at Rox's and then where they always end up...back at our house

Teaching - 5th grade and what a year! I'm pretty sure it's what I was made to do.
Unexpected - Peter's trip to Australia to spend time with family after his mum's car accident just before Christmas. It was a long January.
Vacation - Jilly went to Oklahoma with Grammie, Lexie and Haley to visit Uncle Jerry over spring break while Mallory and I headed to San Jose to look at colleges. Peter drew the short straw and stayed home with the dogs.

Wedding - Jeff and Jane were married on January 1st, and the number of Js in the family keeps on growing.

Xcellence - Jillian has been on the Gold Honor Roll all of middle school. She's thinking that she might like to get a B this term just because she hasn't before. Silly girl!

Yoga/Yogurtland - The girls' favorites (I couldn't choose just one.)
Zillion - The number of times God has blessed me...I am so very grateful!


Liz said...

Miss you guys soooooo much!!!

mom/carla said...

Welcome are my inspiration to get back to MY blog too...AFTER school gets out though...

I never will be able to look at the picture for "Z" and NOT giggled.....knowing that Mallory left a little dent on the hood of the garden cart :)